Create Ardmore

Established in 2014 as a project of the Chamber of Commerce Foundation Inc., Create Ardmore’s mission is to establish an alliance of creative individuals, nonprofits, businesses, and their supporters, working together to enable, coordinate, promote and support arts, culture and creativity in Ardmore.

 The purposes of the arts and culture coalition are to engender a network of creativity in the city, provide a means for supporting creative activity in the Downtown Ardmore Arts District, and to provide opportunities for interdisciplinary coordination and cross-pollination.

 The coalition’s primary objectives are to facilitate coordination and communication regarding Ardmore’s creative programming, calendars, artists, space availability and upcoming projects; to gather and distribute funding for creative activity in the Downtown Ardmore Arts District; to advance arts and cultural engagement as a key factor in, and to become the focal point for, providing arts coordination and services in order to realize three designated Themes for Success: A Thriving Arts Community, Arts Coordination and Services, and Downtown Vibrancy and Vitality

For more information about Create Ardmore, its artist directory, and grant application please visit: