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Plainview Public Schools

Superintendent's Story

Karl Stricker

Plainview Schools has continued to experience recognition at the local and state level; however, this year brought about national recognition.  Plainview High School was named a Blue Ribbon School in the fall of 2009.  We are very proud of this prestigious accomplishment as Plainview High School was one of two high schools in Oklahoma to receive this national award. 

Plainview Public Schools is consistently in the top 2% of all school districts in the state of Oklahoma for our API, Academic Performance Indicator.  The results of our test scores helped contribute to an API of 1462 for the district this past year.  The campus API scores are as follows:  Primary – 1500; Intermediate – 1500; Middle School – 1431; and the High School – 1482.  For two consecutive years, our primary and intermediate campuses have scored 1500 which is a perfect API.  We are very proud of these scores but must continue to work hard each year with new challenges ahead.  As the students take the state mandated tests this spring, passing will be a little more challenging.  The state has released new scores for passing at the advanced and proficient levels.  With our dedicated teachers, students, and parents, we will rise to the challenge as always. 

Plainview Schools will experience a year of change for 2010 in the area of school leadership.  After seventeen years as superintendent, Mr. Steve Merlyn will retire from the district on January 8, 2010.  His outstanding leadership will be felt and missed.  Ms. Julie Altom will serve as interim superintendent for the remainder of the fiscal year 2010.  The Plainview Board of Education has named Mr. Karl Stricker as the superintendent for the next school year.  Even though these changes will occur, great parents, students, patrons, and teachers will remain at Plainview Public Schools.  As always, each group will continue to strive for excellence. 

Several capital projects have been completed such as the Centennial Field House, a new roof, heating and cooling units at the high school and a new wing at the intermediate elementary.  The Virgil Trout Field House is in the final stages of completion and looks to reopen in early spring of this year.  From the previous bonds issue, the only project remaining is the renovation of the elementary library which began during the holidays.    We are thankful to our patrons for being well known for our outstanding Plainview facilities. 

Plainview Intermediate also had new playground equipment purchased and installed during the summer of 2009.  The Parents in Action (PIA) saw this as a priority and made it happen for our intermediate students.  They have all enjoyed the new playground and the fitness component of it.  Many thanks to our parents and patrons who have the same goals and visions as the district. 

Plainview Public Schools has passed six previous bond issues, and the Board of Education has voted to set a bond election for March 2, 2010.  The majority of the issues on the bond are for the safety and security of our students with outdated heating and cooling units, flooring that is coming up, and a taller fence needed for our primary students.  It would also allow the district to stay current in the area of technology.  With continued changes in technology, it is extremely difficult to stay advanced in technology without sufficient funding.  Plainview Schools' vision is to maintain the quality of our existing facilities. 

Plainview Schools will continue to strive to provide quality instruction from quality teachers in quality facilities!  Our philosophy is to constantly reach out to set higher standards.  Change is the norm and accountability is a way of life.  This will not be a problem because leading the way for others to follow has always been the commitment of Plainview Public Schools. 

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