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Superintendent's Story 

The students and teachers of today are part of a global society that demands increased academic achievement for our students if they are to be able to compete with students in Asia and Europe as well as students in the United States.  Our nation relies on the academic development of our young people to maintain its leadership in business and industry.  The challenges and opportunities for our schools are staggering as we look ahead.

With the support of the Ardmore community, Ardmore Schools are ready to meet the challenges head on and seize the opportunities for growth and improvement.  Our parents and community can be assured that our schools will continue to develop the capability of our teachers to challenge our students to be their best and realize their dreams.  We provide access to resources to help our teachers prepare our student for the future.  All Ardmore students have access to computer-assisted instruction and use technology on a daily basis.  Over 90% of our classrooms have interactive white boards to expand resources available for instruction.

Whether it is No Child Left Behind or the new National Standards, Ardmore teachers have embraced these expectations.  As the most diverse school in Carter County, we must ensure that every student and student group meets grade level expectations.  In addition to close attention to testing requirements, we examine other indicators to determine how our students are doing.  We strive to increase the number of students enrolled in Advanced Placement classes, we offer AVID elective courses to assist students who want to go to college and we also offer concurrent enrollment.  In the fine arts and in athletics, our students excel and are recognized at the state and national level on a regular basis.

We know that our level of schooling must closely align with colleges and universities so that our students make a seamless transition to college when they leave us.  In order to facilitate that smooth transition and to continue to build our expertise, we have developed a close association with the Ardmore Higher Education Center, a strong collaboration with the K-20 Center at the University of Oklahoma, and work closely with the Regents for Higher Education.

Ardmore City Schools has a tradition of excellence which is based upon our commitment to continued development of community and family engagement for support of our students’ achievement.

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