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Oak Hall Episcopal School

Oak Hall Episcopal School

Oak Hall Episcopal School is a private, diocesan school accredited by the Oklahoma State Department of Education and the Southwestern Association of Episcopal Schools. Started in 1977, the school educates approximately 150 students from 3 years old through 8th grade. The faculty hold state certifications and many have earned advanced degrees. The average student-teacher ratio at Oak Hall is 14:1.

Oak Hall is dedicated to ensuring the intellectual, creative, physical, social, emotional and spiritual growth of each student to his or her potential within a Christian environment in the Episcopal tradition.

Oak Hall Episcopal School is a spiritual community rooted in the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Students gather daily for prayer and weekly in chapel, honoring the Episcopal tradition while embracing the dignity of each person and the religious traditions of others. Students are enriched by weekly studies in Christian education with the school chaplain. Oak Hall welcomes students from all faith backgrounds.

Students in the Early Childhood division at Oak Hall experience a comprehensive, developmentally appropriate program using a combination of Montessori and traditional teaching methods. All children are given opportunities to develop pre-reading and pre-math skills for future success in our lower school. All early childhood students participate in music and motor development classes.

The teachers in Oak Hall's Lower School division are committed to developing students as individuals, and students are motivated by their peers to maintain excellent academic standards. A rigorous curriculum is in place that focuses on reading, language arts, math social studies, science, and computer technology, while at the same time encouraging creativity and free-thinking through music, drama, art and physical education.

The Middle School division at Oak Hall is a nurturing, student-centered environment where students learn to meet the accelerating demands of the academic curriculum during a critical time in their overall development. The faculty in the Middle School division is committed to creating an environment that nurtures this transition from childhood to adolescence. They are responsive to academic needs, within a framework of understanding the physical, emotional, and social behaviors attributed to these students. The curriculum is grounded in literature, grammar, writing, American and world history, geography, math, science and computer technology. Students also have opportunities to participate in music, drama, art, journalism and student leadership. Keyboarding, study skills, team building and team sports are also offered.

Oak Hall is a Great Expectations Model School. The school has embraced the Great Expectations philosophy by creating an infrastructure that promotes improved student self-esteem, student responsibility and accountability, critical thinking, social awareness and high academic expectations. Students at Oak Hall score very well on nationally-normed achievement tests and class performance averages at least one year above grade level on these tests. Oak Hall 4th and 5th graders consistently qualify for the Duke University Talent Identification program.

The Oak Hall experience is too grand to package into a few, neat paragraphs. Once you enroll your child as a student, you will encounter the Oak Hall experience every day. The school will become a party of your child's memories and friendships a part of who he is, and who he will become, for the rest of his life.

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