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“"Who dares to teach must never cease to learn." -- John Cotton Dana ”

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Dickson Public Schools

Our goal at Dickson first and foremost is academic excellence. You can see our dedication to this vision by observing our Blue Ribbon School, our outstanding students, our motivated staff and our updated facilities.

At Dickson High School, we take pride in being the last source of education and training for our young people who will enter the world of work. We take an extraordinary amount of time to sit down with each student to make sure we have an understanding of their individualized plan for their future. Over 15 percent of our students are concurrently enrolled in college courses and 8 percent of our high school population will attend Oklahoma School of Math and Science. Our End of Instruction Scores in high school continue to improve yearly and exceed state standards. Dickson High School was selected among the elite group of 286 nationwide schools to be a Blue Ribbon School. The school was awarded the prestigious award in a ceremony in Washington D.C. last year.

At Dickson Middle School we have been able to attract some of the best teachers in the state. We have aligned our curriculum and added reading to every grade level. Students in need, receive extra tutoring in reading and in math. Our students who exceed expectations are allowed to advance in areas of reading, through literature and in math by taking high school classes.

Dickson Upper Elementary is made up of an excellent staff, supportive parents, and hardworking students. Their dedication and hard work are shown in our student's test scores that exceed state requirements and show continued improvement. Students participate in a variety of projects each year including Project Circle, an environmental health awareness camp for each grade three through five.

We are proud at Dickson of our dedicated early childhood teachers. Our cutting edge early childhood program provides our kindergarteners the opportunity to read at the end of the first semester. During the 07-08 school year our school was selected to receive the R.T.I. (Response To Intervention) grant from the state. The grant is a five year award that allows our staff to give intensive tiered intervention in reading in math to assure grade level performance.

Our elementary staff works unselfishly to provide quality education for every child, our middle school teachers who diligently provide students with the essential skills to bridge the gap to high school and a Blue Ribbon High School team that works together to meet the needs of every student through a top quality education. With the support of our school board, Dickson has been able to make great strides with our students, staff and facilities.

At Dickson Schools we believe that each student will exceed expectations when all their needs are met; academic, social and emotional. We strive to provide a staff that supports the whole student. Our administration and staff at Dickson is more than academic. They are concerned about students and desire to take every student as far as the student will travel on the road to academic excellence.

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