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“The key to any successful community is its people and their willingness to volunteer”

United States Chamber of Commerce Accredited

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Civic Organizations

The key to any successful community is its people and their willingness to volunteer time and energy to the betterment of their community. Ardmore is home to more than 112 civic organizations, providing ample opportunity to serve the community in a variety of capacities.

When you look around this community, it is quite evident civic life plays a vital role in Ardmore's success. The Ardmore Community Water Park, the heliport at Mercy Memorial Health Center and the addition at Central Park are all projects completed by local civic organizations. Events such as golf tournaments, tennis tournaments, hamburger cookouts and pancake meals are annual events which raise money to aid the continuing improvement efforts of our community.

Ardmore continues to prosper and grow thanks to the countless volunteer hours contributed by its citizens each year. Our children benefit from projects such as a bicycle safety program. Our senior citizens benefit from programs that bring meals into their homes and smiles to their faces. No matter what age a person might be, chances are, there is a civic club working hard to provide them with the resources they need.

These projects are only a small glance of what happens in Ardmore when its citizens become involved. And with so many organizations and activities, all contributing to a better quality of life, it is no surprise that Ardmore has twice been named an All-American City!