State Issues Forum To Be Held In Ardmore

Posted on 10/28/2018

On October 30, 2018 the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce, Ardmore Young Professionals and Leadership Greater Ardmore Alumni will be hosting a State Issue Forum. This event is designed to increase your involvement in and knowledge of state legislative issues that have an impact on all Oklahomans. The program will focus on all five different State Questions certified to appear on the Oklahoma ballot on November 6, 2018.

The issues we will be focusing on include:

  • State Question 793, which seeks to allow optometrists and opticians to practice in retail mercantile establishments. 
  • State Question 794 which seeks to provide crime victims with specific rights, including the right to be "treated with fairness and respect for the victim's safety, dignity and privacy;" to reasonable and timely notice of proceedings upon request; to be heard in any proceeding involving release, plea, sentencing, or parole of the accused; to reasonable protection; to reasonable notice of any release or escape of the accused upon request; to refuse an interview or other request made by the accused; to full and timely restitution; to proceedings "free from unreasonable delay and a prompt conclusion of the case;" and to confer with the attorney for the state upon request.  This sometimes referred to as Marsy’s Law.
  • State Question 798 would amend the state constitution to provide for the governor and lieutenant governor to be elected together on one ticket starting in 2026. As of 2018, Oklahoma voters cast a separate ballot for governor and lieutenant governor, who must conduct separate campaigns. Requiring the governor and lieutenant governor to run on the same ticket would prevent them from being from different parties
  • State Question 800 would set aside 5 percent of revenue from the state’s oil and gas production tax revenue each year into a fund—called the Oklahoma Vision Fund—that would be invested by the Oklahoma State Treasurer, including investments in private companies and stocks and subject to what is known as the prudent investor rule. Between July 1 and September 30 each year, 4 percent of the average of the money in the fund over the previous five years—calculated annually on June 30—would be transferred to the state’s general revenue fund. The amendment was also designed to prohibit any more than 5 percent of the money in the Oklahoma Vision Fund from being spent to pay bond debt or to pay back other financing mechanisms under the amendment
  • State Question 801 would allow certain local voter-approved property taxes—known as ad valorem levies—to be used to fund school district operations as well as construction.

You will hear from influential public policy experts and other advocates on both sides of each issue. Presenters will present their argument for or against the state question, and inform the public of the pros and cons. The floor will then be open to a limited number of questions from attendees.

“The number and complexity of the State Questions on the November Ballot require careful consideration, and the State Issues Forum will provide voters an opportunity to hear from experts on each side of the issues.  Sample Ballots will also be available for attendees,” notes Mita Bates, President and CEO of the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce.

Please join us for this free event on October 30, 2018 at 6 pm at the Ardmore Convention Center.