Insure Oklahoma Offers Options for Small Employers

Posted by Sarah Johnson on 03/10/2019

Are health care insurance costs prohibiting you from providing coverage for your employees? Through dedicated funds from the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET), the Insure Oklahoma program offers an option to small employers that allows them to offer this important benefit. Founded in 2005, Insure Oklahoma is the first program of its kind in assisting those who might otherwise go without medical care. Participating in the Insure Oklahoma program allows small businesses owners, employees, their spouses, and individuals to enjoy more affordable premiums. With Insure Oklahoma, small businesses can save up to 60 percent on health care coverage costs for eligible employees.

As of October 2018, over 4,600 businesses and more than 19,600 lower-income Oklahomans were enrolled in either Insure Oklahoma’s Employer-Sponsored Insurance (ESI) plan or Individual Plan. Under the ESI plan, private health premium costs are shared by Insure Oklahoma (60 percent), the employer (25 percent) and the employee (15 percent). The Individual Plan allows those who don’t have access to health insurance through their employer - including the self-employed, temporarily unemployed and college students - to buy health benefits directly through the state. Insure Oklahoma is funded by the state’s tobacco tax matched with federal Medicaid funds.    

The Ardmore Chamber of Commerce is passionate about assisting small businesses succeed. “Chamber members with less than 25 employees constitute over 66% of our organization, and any support we can provide to lower their costs and make them more successful is a win-win,” stated Mita Bates, President and CEO.  “We have invited Insure Oklahoma to present a lunch and learn to discuss their program and benefits and help our business partners determine if this program would benefit their company.” 

Join us on Tuesday, March 26, 2019 at 11:30 am at the Ardmore Convention Center for a luncheon to learn more about Insure Oklahoma. The presentation will include a boxed lunch. It is free for Chamber members and $10 for non-members. Please RSVP to or 580-223-7765 by March 22nd at noon to attend.