Events in Ardmore – Always Something to Do

Posted by Sarah Johnson on 06/09/2019

“I’m visiting Ardmore this weekend. What’s going on around town?”

“My kids are bored! Is anything family friendly happening this week?”

“My organization is planning a fundraiser, but we don’t want to have it at the same time as another organization’s event. Do you know when their event is scheduled?”

These are all questions we hear at the Chamber, and we love having answers. Home to countless events throughout the year, Ardmore is a place rich with unique things to do. From arts markets to performances by world-class musicians, from workshops and interactive classes, business seminars, food festivals, holiday celebrations, craft shows and fundraisers – Ardmore has something for everyone! 

With that being the case, you may wonder why the cry everyone hears is, “There’s never anything to do!” is free and open to the public, both for viewing and uploading events. Here at the Chamber, it’s where we direct people who call and ask, “What’s going on in town?” The site is a great way to get the word out about any local event, class, fundraiser, or anything you’ve got going on that is open to the public.

Adding an event is simple and quick. Visit, select “Submit an Event”, and take just a few minutes to upload a photo, event time, location, and all your details. The more information you enter, the more interest you will capture. It will be reviewed and approved by our staff, and then it will go online shortly. You can post as far in advance as you would like, so get ahead of marketing your future events - 100% free!


Never say, “there’s nothing to do!” or miss an event again. Want to know what’s going on around town today, tomorrow, or months from now? Go check out!


If you have any questions regarding the calendar or need help submitting an event, please e-mail me at [email protected] or call 580-223-7765.