Chamber Legislative Priorities

Posted on 03/03/2019

The Ardmore Chamber of Commerce has a long history of promoting a sound business climate that allows Oklahoma companies of all sizes to compete globally with other businesses. The Chamber represents the interests of sound policy that allows businesses to compete, hire more workers and expand their presence in Southern Oklahoma.

Each year the Chamber Board of Directors adopt Legislative Priorities which reflect efforts to promote and protect the businesses in our area. The priorities are focused in key areas, including: 

Economic Development

This focuses on the creation of a state budgeting process which addresses the cyclical nature of our economy. In addition, considerable attention is on the creation and passage of legislation that addresses workplace safety and legal liability concerns for Oklahoma businesses with the passage of State Question 788 – Medical Marijuana. Rural revitalization legislation will be closely tracked, especially as it relates to housing, infrastructure, etc. The Chamber will continue to support efforts to ensure a level playing field between community retailers and online merchants. 


The Chamber supports legislation that offers an inclusive approach and support for a stable and reliable tax structure for all energy development, while protect existing investment and encouraging new capital investment in Oklahoma. 

Workforce Development & Education

The support of all efforts to develop a pipeline which will produce an educated and skilled workforce. This goes hand in hand with advancing efforts to restructure the salary schedules for teachers to encourage excellent educators to remain in the classroom. Focus will also be place towards expanded funding for the concurrent enrollment for high school students and advanced placement programs. The Chamber supports the funding of career and technology programs which produce graduates with high skill certifications in demand by employers.

Legal & Workers Comp Reform

The Chamber supports the bipartisan efforts to further criminal justice reform to improve workforce, protect public safety and decrease costs to the state. The Chamber will continue to support and improve the comprehensive worker’s compensation reform of 2013, which have resulted in significant cost savings for businesses and improved outcomes for injured workers.

Water Resources

Ensure that Oklahoma water laws, policies and regulations meet the needs of southern Oklahoma’s citizens and assure adequate water supplies for future growth.

Infrastructure & Transportation

Support the improvement and maintenance of the state’s transportation infrastructure and protect the dedicated funding for improvements. The Chamber supports all modes of transportation including transit and passenger rail service to meet the need of the public. Preservation of the Oklahoma Five-Year CIRB plan is essential for counties to address infrastructure needs.

Health Care

Supporting efforts to keep health care accessible to rural Oklahoma is also a priority. The Chamber supports the retention and growth of employer health care and encourages efforts to provide stability in the health insurance market. Focus will be placed on improvement and expansion of the Insure Oklahoma program to provide premium assistance, making health care coverage more affordable to small businesses.


The complete list of the 2019 Ardmore Chamber of Commerce Legislative Priorities can be found on our website at