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Weather Update

Posted by Brennan Hoskins on 01/31/2023

The National Weather Service has forecasted periods of freezing rain and/or sleet to continue through Thursday morning. This event will make our roadways even more hazardous than they already are. We are urging our citizens to limit non-essential travel and to keep the roadways clear for emergency services and utility companies.


Please take a moment to check on any elderly neighbors you may have, making sure they are staying warm and safe.


If you lose power, contact your electric company.


For road conditions, visit https://url.emailprotection.link/?bciYjNb_BkA4KibmOn8WrZU9_dbP3yrjfBmzEYC0Aidl4Q-i8TQ9Kh_fDACyMll1ltCvZpMRjj6JTz_MkG0ETgA~~


If you do have a life threatening emergency, call 911 and know that help is on the way.


Please stay safe and warm. You are what makes Ardmore the amazing city it is.