Goals & Objectives


The mission of the Ardmore Chamber of Commerce is to advance the economic vitality and quality of life for South Central Oklahoma.


Education Improvement & Workforce Development

Goal: The Chamber will champion the cause of education to develop the most efficient and productive method for delivery of quality education and workforce development services cradle to career. 


  • Coordination, development and growth through the Chamber to address critical issues in K-12 education and enhance workforce development initiatives, both for existing workforce and career readiness activities.
    • Explore innovative models that will provide options for improved delivery of education services (ex: higher level classes; sharing of resources)
    • Partner with willing schools to implement joint programs to ensure better student outcomes
    • Coordinate with local employers to determine those educational requirements and skills currently needed in the workplace and work with local educational institutions to ensure that the curriculum is aligned with current needs
    • Leverage existing assets to maximize results
    • Promote the Oklahoma Promise Program and other local opportunities for student assistance, allowing more individuals the opportunity to achieve higher education goals
    • Introduce Annual Education Forum for all chamber members
  • Partner with ADA in development and implementation of the Regional Labor Study recommendations.
    • Assist with implementation of programs that address “soft skills”
  • Continued support of the University Center of Southern Oklahoma campus, including the promotion of opportunities in health-related fields and expanded programming to meet current workforce needs.
  • Support the statewide efforts to improve accountability standards, making students competitive in a 21st century economy.
  • Work with elected officials to determine the actual teacher compensation and ranking for Oklahoma teachers.


Community Development

Community Development / Quality of Life

Goal: The Chamber will be the catalyst for coordinating and initiating activities to improve the community and the quality of life in the Ardmore area to allow for the recruitment and retention of talent/workforce.


  • Implementation of the Bridges Out of Poverty Program to improve outcomes for the most vulnerable in our community.
  • Partner with other community organizations for the development and implementation of a comprehensive re-development plan for Downtown Ardmore creating an arts, entertainment and retail district.  This includes the continued development of parks and public spaces throughout the City.
    • Foster activities that promote cooperative efforts for local merchants and restaurants
    • Support of CREATE Ardmore & continuation of Art in Public Places Program
  • Assist/coordinate with ADA to provide enhanced opportunities for new talent to area industries.
    • Trailing Spouse activities implements to include:
  • Implementation of the AYP Program Manager initiated in 2018.
  • Coordination of Community Visioning for 2030.
  • Assist in efforts to create community-wide broadband access.
  • Engage and empower all segments of the community.
    • Assist in the coordination of programs aimed at addressing racial and diversity tension within the community
    • Programs to encourage greater access to community boards
  • Extensive review of potential community-wide recycling program.
  • Coordinate the Festival of Lights auction to fund additional Christmas lighting displays.
  • Continued support for programs that result in improving the health of area citizens.
    • Establishment of community grade
  • Enhancement of the LinkedIn Group for exchange of resumes
  • Involvement of HR Professionals from area


Economic Development

Economic Development

Goal: The Chamber will spearhead efforts to maintain a viable economy by improving the business climate, expanding the business base and assisting local businesses.


  • Continued support for efforts that develop a comprehensive cradle to career effort to create and sustain a skilled and qualified workforce through interaction with area employers and implementation of Labor Study recommendation.
    • Development of affordable housing options
    • Creation of entrepreneurship opportunities
    • Coordination with new statewide strategies to promote Oklahoma as a place to do business
  • Assist the Ardmore Development Authority and the City of Ardmore in efforts to recruit business and industry.
  • Provide management services and support to the Ardmore Development Authority.
  • Continued development of CEO Roundtable (Ardmore Business Roundtable).



Government Affairs

Goal: The Chamber will promote a sound business climate and represent the interests of sound policy that allows businesses to compete globally, hire more workers, and expand in southern Oklahoma.


  • Maintain an aggressive legislative program that improves the business climate and ensures Ardmore’s influence at a state level.  The Annual Legislative Agenda will identify specific areas of engagement.
  • Evaluate programming to educate and encourage better involvement in local boards, commissions and elected positions.
  • Increase programs to increase candidate recruitment and voter engagement.
  • Look at candidate training opportunities
  • Coordinate activities that allow access to elected officials through legislative functions such as Legislative Luncheons, Ardmore Day at the Capitol, Ardmore Education Forum and the Ardmore Community Forum.



Organizational Affairs 

Goal: The Chamber/ADA will evaluate the financial operations and organizational structure to improve the delivery of services and efficiency.  The Chamber will effectively utilize resources to advance the interest of the organization.


  • Provide management services to the Chamber Charitable Foundation, the ATA, and the ADA.
    • Review of all existing contracts for services and revision as needed
  • Continue to refine the operational activities in all organizations (IT, HR, etc.…)
    • Continued emphasis of digital media
    • Completion of the Chamber website
  • Coordinate Leadership Greater Ardmore and Youth Leadership Programs.
  • Evaluate management of additional programs that incorporate the mission and increase revenue.
  • Increase Chamber membership by 5%.
  • Evaluation of the operations of the Chamber (ACCE Operational Study and Best Practices).



Membership Services

Goal: The Chamber will deliver programs and provide activities that will increase Chamber membership and add measurable value to Chamber membership investments.

  • Continued enhancement of communications programs for maximum reach and effectiveness.
  • Increased utilization of member testimonies.
  • Coordinate programs and activities that increase shop local efforts.
  • Completion of redesign of the Chamber/Tourism/Foundation websites, including mobile access.
  • Continued efforts to provide affordable health insurance options for chamber members.
  • Evaluate all member benefits to determine which provide the greatest return for members.
  • Coordinate seminars, Southern Oklahoma Leaders Luncheon, and other activities that help improve small business performance.
  • Conduct and continually improve events, like Business After Hours and Business Before Hours, to maximize benefits for Chamber members.
  • Develop and promote non-dues revenue and other activities that enhance membership investment.
  • Execute a comprehensive retention program that improves existing efforts.
  • Support activities that promote health initiatives and provide members with options for activities that encourage health and wellness.