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Southern Oklahoma Technology Center

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Southern Oklahoma Technology Center

Southern Oklahoma Technology Center (SOTC) opened its doors in Ardmore in 1966. Now, decades later, SOTC continues to provide exceptional quality in the services offered to its customers.

Let’s break it down into five major categories:

SOTC offers over 60 Career Majors ranging from Health to Heating and Air Conditioning.  In-district high school students in eleventh or twelfth grade can take advantage of the free tuition with bus transportation provided.  Adults can also benefit from the large variety of training.  We have three career majors that are specifically just for them.  With financial aid available, adult students can begin their quest for a new career without breaking the bank.  All students are expected to leave SOTC with either college credits, industry certification, WorkKeys certification or passing state boards. It’s a great way to jump start their college/career with minimal costs.

Students can enroll in Adult and Career Development (short term) classes for a minimal fee. Some senior citizen classes are obtainable at no charge or a minimal $5 fee. All classes are offered at the request of our in-district patrons, so if you don’t see a class you would like to take, just ask.  Students take classes to enhance their career skills while others are looking to beef up their personal interest areas.  Whatever the choice may be, knowledgeable instructors are on staff to help meet those needs.  Classes range from Computers to Cake Decorating and are offered in the evenings and some Saturdays.  

The Business and Industry Services team strive to meet the growing needs of new and well established businesses in our area.  They offer a large variety of services that range from safety to computer training.  If your company is interested in a class that isn’t listed, customized training is no problem.  Whether you are a small company or a large manufacturer, SOTC will be glad to help.

With an upgraded Conference Center and newly remodeled classrooms, SOTC is a commodity in Southern Oklahoma.  State-of-the art equipment along with an in-house chef can make your next event or meeting a breeze.

The school district is nestled between the Red River, in the County of Love, and the sunny side of the Arbuckle Mountains.   The 13 schools that share their students with SOTC are within those rural country roads and city streets.  SOTC works side by side with these schools to help ensure the success of their shared student population by enhanced studies in math, reading, and science.  Some of these areas are embedded in the curriculum the instructors use and some of it is offered through classes taught online or by an SOTC certified instructor.

Students also experience the unique culture of blending students from different school districts into one class where they each share the same desire to learn a particular skill.  The students are taught about work values and are recognized for a job well done through incentives such as a student auction, National Technical Honor Society and Student Senate.

Students can compete with others in their skill area at the local, district, state, national and international level and can also learn leadership skills by becoming involved as an officer in their student organization as high up as the national level.  

Students in Program Majors, Adult Career and Development classes and Business/Industry clients, benefit from SOTC's state-of-the art equipment, modern classroom facilities and highly qualified instructors.  SOTC continues to provide quality education and training services to secure the future of Southern Oklahoma.

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