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Member news

Local authors are kicking off their nationwide tour of their new diet book The Full Plate Diet by holding a free weight loss seminar Tuesday evening, January 5 in Ardmore.   

The seminar titled "Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?" will be presented by Dr. Teresa Sherard and Dr. Diana Fleming from the Lifestyle Center of America in Sulphur, Oklahoma.    

The presentation will uncover why 7 out of 10 adults actually need to eat more to lose weight.  Dr. Fleming says most people find the idea of eating a full plate to help slim down unbelievable.  "Most diets tell you to cut back on your food portions, to deprive yourself, not The Full Plate Diet.  The solution is to eat more foods that have the two most important ingredients for sustainable weight loss; the rest will take care of itself."  The authors say the average American is not coming close to eating enough foods with these two vital ingredients.  "Virtually everyone is surprised when they find out what they been missing.  These two ingredients are the brick and mortar to not only losing weight but keeping it off," says Fleming.  

Dr. Sherard says the presentation format is light-hearted, fun and has lots of great illustrations. "This is not a dry, boring research presentation. Anyone attending can walk away and put this diet to work at their very next meal."   Sherard is quick to add that the diet does not require any exotic pills, powders, potions or special order foods.  

The free presentation will be held at the Ardmore Convention Center just off I-35 at exit 33 at 7 p.m. No reservations or tickets are required.  For more information contact the Lifestyle Center of America at 800-596-5480 ext. 3801. 


If you'd like more information about this topic or schedule an interview with one of the book authors, please contact Amy Hanus at 800-596-5480 ext. 3801 or ahanus@lifestylecenter.org

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