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Total Resource Campaign Launches For 2018


This year’s Total Resource Campaign will kick off on Monday, September 17, 2018 and will con­tinue until November 16, 2018. The annual Total Resource Campaign (TRC) provides the opportunity for Ardmore Chamber of Commerce members to determine the event sponsorship and marketing opportunities in which they will participate in the upcoming year.

During the eight-week campaign, TRC representatives will work with an opportunity catalog, which includes the vast array of sponsorships, advertisements, publications and website options available to Ardmore Chamber members. Members make their decisions on which opportunities best fit their needs and budgets for the coming year. Opportunities exist for businesses of all sizes, and a conversation with a TRC representative will provide you with information to help you best utilize your resources.

The campaign provides funding for the chamber programs, events and activities. Reliance on member’s dues is no longer the sole option for funding chamber involvement in the community. From 1969 to 2006, the percentage of non-dues revenue grew from 32% to 61% of total revenue for Chambers across the country. The Total Resource Campaign allows the Chamber members to determine the publications and events that best meet their needs and budget for the upcoming year. The increased funding allows the Chamber to continue to expand and improve its offerings and quality benefits to members.

Ryan Youderian is the Senior Vice President and Market Research Director at First National Bank. 1NB is a long-time Chamber member and supporter of the Total Resource Campaign. “The Chamber TRC program makes it easy for you to see what the Chamber does throughout the year,” he said. “It also gives your business a chance to help sponsor their programs and highlights your business as a sponsor or advertiser at the same time. Sponsoring a Chamber TRC program not only helps them cover the cost of the events and publications, but more importantly highlights and gets your business recognized as well. First National Bank and many other banks in our community utilize the TRC program to sponsor these Chamber initiatives. By using and sponsoring the TRC programs, we don’t have to worry about what’s coming up or keeping up with all their events, they do it for us.

Mita Bates, President of the Ardmore Chamber states the Resource Campaign provides the dual benefit of meeting with members one-on-one to become better informed on their business activities as well as allowing the Chamber to plan for the upcoming year’s anticipated revenue.

For more information on the TRC campaign, contact Annilisa Peevy at the Chamber (580) 223-7765 or apeevy@ardmore.org.