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Faith, Hope, and Love


Holiday Greetings!

Last week while visiting my children in Colorado, I had the honor to participate in Wreaths Across America. A crowd of over 2500 placed 18,000 wreaths on the final resting place of veterans at Fort Logan Cemetery.  It was a timely reminder of what is important and often overlooked during the busy holiday season.  The speaker at the ceremony touched on timely topics that apply to all:

Faith in the freedom we possess in United States.  It is important to remind ourselves how precious it is that we can live freely based on our values. It is important to recognize the right of others to exercise that same freedom.  We must have faith in the future of our country and invest in the next generation.

Hope is a common bond that binds us.  The hope that we can constantly improve the country, state and city in which we live drives our work every day.  It is sometimes difficult to remain hopeful when negativity around us threatens to bring us down. It is important to take time and reflect, often, on the many blessings we all have achieved. Let us always keep hope alive and strive for better tomorrows.

Love is too often missing from our daily lives.  Love is shown through basic respect for others and in the concern we show for our environment, our communities and those who look to us for leadership.  We need to show courage in the face of hate and disrespect, exhibiting compassion for our fellow man.   Random acts of kindness bring out the best in all! 

As you celebrate this holiday season, our staff wish you blessings and encourage you to keep the faith, maintain hope, and share your love.

Merry Christmas!