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In 2012, the citizens of Carter County authorized a ¼ cent countywide sales tax to be used for providing funds for construction, reconstruction, maintenance, repair or improvement of county roads or bridges.  The sales tax collections over the first four years have totaled 8,770,349.  In FY 2017-2018, over $319,000.00 has been received. 

The Carter County Commissioners have been excellent stewards of this money, combining it with other resources to improve roads and bridges throughout the county.  The Commissioners developed a plan that prioritized projects and ensured quality work.  Infrastructure, especially roads and bridges are a key component in industry decisions to relocate or expand.  Local citizens benefit from efficient transportation systems and it has a positive impact on the quality of life in an area. 

Voters in all of Carter County are being asked to vote in a Special Election on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 to extend this ¼ cent tax for another five years.  This is a continuation of an existing tax – it WILL NOT raise the sales tax you currently pay.  Please continue to support the County and vote YES for Proposition No. 2 – the continuation of the ¼ cent countywide sales tax for roads and bridges. 

Please vote on Tuesday!