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Dream Becomes Reality


This week Ardmore experienced an historic event – the result of a group of dedicated individuals taking an idea, developing a plan and executing it.  The Mercy Train was relocated to its permanent home.

Thursday morning saw the final move of the train to its new location as the anchor in the new Depot Park.  Hundreds of individuals (including me!) watched as the train traveled from Hardy Murphy to Depot Park and were mesmerized when the cranes moved the train from the trailer to its new pad,

The Mercy Train will serve as the anchor for both the new park and the streetscape project on Main Street.

The renovation and relocation of the train is a pivotal event for the community.  The role of the train in Ardmore history is unknown to most residents, but that will now change.  However, the relocation of the train serves to represent something even bigger – making a dream become a reality.  I remember a community planning session over 10 years ago that initiated the idea of incorporating the Mercy Train.  Thanks to the determination of community leaders who dreamed of creating a park adjacent to the depot, and those who envisioned the Mercy Train as the anchor of the park, today we have the beginning of the renaissance of Main Street.

Thank you to all the countless individuals and organizations that participated in this worthwhile project.  In addition to the monetary contributions, the donation of goods and services was incredible.  While the train renovation and relocation was the dream of many individuals, one person took the project and provided the guidance to bring the project to a successful outcome – Mr. Tom Dunlap.

He took the vision, coordinated with community partners, raised funds and coordinated activities to ensure the process was completed. Please share your appreciation with these wonderful stakeholders.

Stay tuned – a community celebration is planned for the end of the month. Dreams do become reality when a community works together!  Thank you!