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National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day


Celebrated annually on the third Wednesday of October, this Wednesday, October 19th is National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day. The purpose of chambers of commerce is to represent the business community and their needs. Here at the Ardmore Chamber, we work hard for southern Oklahoma, but our efforts are only effective with your ... read more »

Keep the Progress!


In 2012, the citizens of Carter County authorized a ¼ cent countywide sales tax to be used for providing funds for construction, reconstruction, maintenance, repair or improvement of county roads or bridges.  The sales tax collections over the first four years have totaled 8,770,349.  In FY 2017-2018, over $319,000.00 has been r... read more »

Invest in Our Future


In the current climate of state budget cuts, no one is feeling the pinch quite as painfully (and with as many long-term implications) as the education system. Many school districts across the state have been forced to make difficult cuts to their programing and staff. Oklahoma is facing teacher shortages and ballooning class sizes. Music, art, f... read more »

October 2017 Newsletter


  Please follow the link below to view your electronic copy of the chamber newsletter. If you have any questions or would like to continue to receive the paper edition rather than the electronic version, please email Sarah at sjohnson@ardmore.org.     Below are a few helpful reminder tips for viewing the e... read more »

On the Road Again


The team at the Ardmore Development Authority has spent a lot of time this year outside of Ardmore promoting our community and Oklahoma as a place business should want to be.  Along with other communities from around Oklahoma we attended various shows across the country over the summer months. At the start of the summer, we attended SelectU... read more »