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Parent Forums Provide Critical Feedback


Partners In Education (PIE) hosted three parent forums in August. Parents attended to learn how to prepare their student for the move from home or daycare into Pre-K, and shared their thoughts and feelings about the local school systems and their child’s transition to school. At the forums, parents learned what and how their student wi... read more »

Free Community Calendar Highlights What’s Going on in Ardmore!


“I’m visiting Ardmore this weekend. What’s going on around town?” “My kids are bored! Is anything family friendly happening this week?” “My organization is planning a fundraiser, but we don’t want to have it at the same time as another organization’s event. Do you know when their eve... read more »

Economic Development and Community


by Andrea Anderson, Director of MArketing and Industry Relations   For anyone involved in economic development, workforce is a top priority. Without an educated workforce, it is hard to attract new industry or retain existing industry in a community. This week, I had the privilege of listening to Roy Williams, President and CEO of t... read more »

September 2016 Newsletter


Please follow the link below to view your electronic copy of the chamber newsletter. If you have any questions or would like to continue to receive the paper edition rather than the electronic version, please email Sarah at slarkin@ardmore.org.     Below are a few helpful reminder tips for viewing the electronic news... read more »

Ardmore Rises To The Challenge


Ardmore has a rich history of rising to meet challenges in our community. In April of this year, a long-standing summer program notified parents that, due to the relocation of the program, they would not be able to provide care for their children during the summer months. Immediately, the Chamber and local social service agencies were flooded wi... read more »